Boxing for Fitness: Learn Technique Without Getting Hit

Boxing for Fitness

As a sport boxing requires a high level of athletic ability: speed, strength, agility, hand-eye coordination are just some of the fitness components required. Boxing as a fitness activity enables the average person to hone those athletic skills without having to take a punch.

A person practicing boxing

Learning the art of boxing for fitness comes with a large number of benefits. We are all aware of the importance of improving our cardiovascular fitness to improve our health in both the short and long term. This is achieved by raising the heart rate and placing a moderate amount of stress on our heart and lungs. Cardio training is associated with difficult, often monotonous activities such as running, cycling and swimming which can be very hard to get motivated for. Through boxing you are able to achieve the same cardiovascular effect, without placing stress on your joints and by learning new skills. So much so that it can be possible to not realize that you are in fact working hard… because you are also having fun!!

Boxing for fitness requires your full attention

When learning new skills the level of concentration is high. Boxing for fitness requires your full attention, not only are your muscles and heart working, but your brain is too. Moving your head, feet and throwing punches all in sync together, not to mention remembering combinations of punches when hitting the bags and pads calls for a high level of focus and communication between your brain and muscles.

Improve key motor skills such as reaction times, hand-eye coordination and cognitive function through boxing training.

Group of people posing for boxing fitness

Throwing punches requires the muscles in your arms, legs, and core to all engage. As your boxing ability increases you will learn how to throw harder and faster punches, increasing both cardio and the strength of your muscles. Throwing punches with correct technique will develop muscle strength and burn fat, creating a toned athletic physique.

It is a well researched and known fact that exercise will produce mood and hormone enhancing chemicals in your brain and body-positive endorphins. These endorphins will give you increased confidence and self-esteem. Boxing is often described by those that participate as a form of therapy, providing a physically exhausting workout where the brain is required to work too. Many of us work long hours and lead high-stress lives… decrease your cortisol and stress level by punching the bags and pads!! De-stress and leave the gym with a refreshed mindset, anxiety-free and satisfied that you have let go of life’s daily worries.

An amazing level of camaraderie comes hand in hand with boxing training. Prior to starting boxing, new starters can often be apprehensive, the fear of entering an intimidating gym full of monsters with ego’s. IMG_2061This couldn’t be further from the truth, a boxing gym contains some of the most humble, friendly people you can meet, all with the same goal to have fun, learn some cool new skills whilst getting in great shape. A unique bond is naturally formed with those you train with and are coached by. Once you step into a boxing gym or class everyone is equal, irrespective of wealth, age and anything else, creating a strong community that you become a part of.


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