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  • 20 dynamic, full body, boxing-themed Jump Rope Workouts videos
  • Tutorial videos section designed to improve both you and your clients’ jump rope skills
  • Step-by-step jump (skipping) rope instruction for all techniques from Olympic medalist Tony Jeffries
  • Programmed, taught and demonstrated for you to follow along through the full workout by the Boxing Fitness Academy co-owners Tony Jeffries & Glenn Holmes.
  • Let the guys you guide through the entire workout, whether you’re just getting started with a jump (skipping) rope or if you’re a seasoned pro.
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Package Includes

  • FREE Tony Jeffries Signature Speed Jump Rope ($29 value, just pay shipping)
  • 20 Workout Videos
  • Complete Jump Rope Tutorial Video Section

Workout Anywhere

Your jump rope workouts can all be done from the comfort of your home or gym, outside, or anywhere you have the space, with no equipment needed besides your Tony Jeffries signature jump rope.

Any Fitness Level, Any Ability Level

These challenging, tutorial based workouts between 20 - 40 minutes long, are conveniently packaged for you into basic, intermediate and advanced levels to help you progress your skills with the jump rope no matter what your ability or fitness level.

Learn With Tony Jeffries

Each movement includes in-depth tutorial videos with Tony Jeffries that break down exactly how to perform each jump rope workout and step by step guide of how to set up your speed rope perfectly for maximum performance.

Built For You & Your Clients

This video package is perfect for you to use personally, or to include in your facility for your group and personal training sessions.

Jump (Skipping) Rope Benefits

The jump rope is a versatile and convenient fitness tool. 

Here’s a quick snapshot of some of the benefits of jumping (skipping):

Fun & Rewarding

Jumping rope is a fun way to achieve your fitness goals. It’s fun to work on new skills, like ‘double unders’ and ‘criss-crosses’. It’s fun to be able to take it on the road and do your workouts anywhere. It’s fun to share with a workout partner, and it’s rewarding being able to conquer something new and physically challenging and really develop a new skill.

Improved Mental Sharpness

Jumping rope helps with the development of the left and right hemispheres of your brain, which enhances spatial awareness, agility, neuro-muscular control, which in turn improves reading and listening skills, increases memory, focus, alertness and productivity.

Increased Speed

Everyone wants to get faster, well the stretch-shortening cycle or 'countermovement' action that is commonly observed during typical human movements such as jumping allows you or your athlete to produce more force, react to that force therefore move quicker over time as skill level increases.

Increased Muscle Engagement

Engage more muscle groups with every workout, jump rope is truly a full body workout, shoulders, core, & lower body all work during a jump rope session leading to better results.

Healthy Joints & Tendons

Jumping improves joint, tendon and overall foot and ankle integrity. The plyometric nature of jumping and the stretch-shortening cycle (a combination of an eccentric and a concentric muscle action) creates impact that causes lower body joints and tendons to react and strengthen over time to support the muscles properly.

Improved Cardiovascular Performance and Endurance

Jumping rope raises the heart rate and makes your energy systems work! Whether training for boxing, competition or just to stay on top of your fitness, jump rope is a great option for building energy system performance and a healthy respiratory system.

Increased Calorie Burn

jumping rope can help you burn well over 1,000 calories per hour.

Throughout my boxing career & 10 years in the fitness industry, I’ve tried thousands of jump ropes and used hundreds of different styles and variations.

My personal favorite and most effective for making me better on my feet and improving my hand speed, coordination, and giving the best experience while jumping rope is the speed rope style with lightweight handles that are durable & never tangle.

I have put a ton of work into creating my version of the perfect jump rope. Whether learning from scratch or a jump rope master, this rope is built to feel great, it’s designed to make the rope feel light weight & designed to make the jump rope feel fun while giving you maximum chance to improve your skill level and fitness level on the rope, an essential tool in becoming a better boxer.

The ball bearing attachment allows you to customize the rope length, for the rope to be turned over with ease when jumping at speed so it never gets twisted or tangled, the aluminum handles are thin, light weight & easy to grip when jumping at speed and feature my signature for an eye catching design in the gym. You can customize the length with the ball bearing attachment to perfectly fit your preferred height for your jump rope sessions.

Have fun, enjoy, and happy jump roping,

Signature Speed Rope

Created by Tony Jeffries

$29 value, just pay shipping

Ball bearing, customizable length, high-speed rope.

Olympic boxing medalist Tony Jeffries’ version of the perfect jump rope. Whether you’re learning from scratch or a jump rope master, this rope is built to feel great.