How To Land Hook To Body – Body Shot Video by Tony Jeffries

How To Land Hook To Body - Body Shot Video by Tony Jeffries

Some people say getting hit with a body shot is worse than being hit with a headshot.

On this video, I’m going to show you how to land the perfect hook to the body!

The body shot:  

I stopped a ton of my opponents with this shot, or hurt them leading to a stoppage.

I remember a few times being blasted with a hook to the body, once I was sparring with a kid named Hosea Burton at Joe Gallagher’s gym. I say kid because at the time he was around 17 years old and I was fresh from the Olympics training for my pro debut.

Whenever I sparred with people who didn’t have the experience I had, I would always go easy, never trying to hit hard and just moving around. This is exactly what I was doing with this lanky youngster who I didn’t know much about.

When we were inside, I was relaxed and he whacked me with a solid perfect left hook, right under the ribs. This was the last thing I expected from him. It took all the air out of my body, I couldn’t breathe for about 10 seconds.

I wanted to stop but with me being experienced, I played my poker face and carried on. I don’t think he realized at the time just how much it hurt but it was horrible to the point that I can still remember now, 11 years later.

It’s great to see Hosea Burton now develop into a high-level fighter, winning the British title.

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