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TV, Radio, Podcast Guest Speaker


Media-trained, with thousands of hours of interview experience on TV, radio and podcasts.

Get in touch if you have an audience that wants to discover more about boxing - from competing in the Olympics to growing a boxing business and personal brand.

Tony has stories from every level of amateur boxing and isn’t afraid to give a raw insight into the training, life in and out of the ring, and his retirement from professional boxing. Your audience will love to listen to you having a deep conversation with boxing specialist Tony Jeffries.

Overcame depression to build a 7-figure boxing fitness business from scratch in a foreign country.

Invested all his money into an empty warehouse to start his dream business.

Taught boxing to many clients, from busy housewives, lawyers, and business owners, to UFC fighters and Hollywood actors and celebrities.

Spread boxing fitness all over the planet by coaching thousands of fitness professionals so they can teach it to their clients and learn how to grow their brand.

Media trained with thousands of hours of interview experience on both TV and radio.

Due to his overwhelming schedule, Tony isn’t doing many shows at the moment, and is only considering those with a large audience.

If you are interested in booking Tony for an interview, please fill the enquiry form below: