Thai speaking VO / Dubbing position

About the role:

We’re looking for a proactive, positive Voice-Over person who can help guide Youtube projects from downloading to editing to uploading (YOU DON’T HAVE TO BE A SPECIALIST IN THIS BUT HAVE TO BE WILLING TO LEARN) .

You are knowledgeable yet open to new ideas, and the thought of a dubbing project enrages you.

What you’ll be doing:

  • Translate videos from the main channel to the Thai language
  • Record VO to match the English videos
  • Edit videos to match with a recorded VO
  • Prepare details for a YouTube video upload
  • Work with our graphic designer on the thumbnail (translating words)
  • Upload finished videos to the Thai YouTube channel
  • Monitor and reply to comments on the Youtube channel

What makes you a fit:

  • Good English Skill
  • Experience in dubbing is preferred but not necessary
  • Basic Understanding of Editing Software
  • Flexibility to adapt to fast-paced timelines and adjustments
  • Detail-oriented, task-driven, and compelled to grow in their craft